Known Issue from the ACF Update

We have identified an issue with the ACF update of Feb. 7 that may affect your site. Specifically, this issue is related to any WiscWeb pages that include content that is embedded using <iframe>, <script>, <embed>, and other tags.

What You’ll See if You Have the Issue

Users who have this issue will notice that content that was embedded in a Text Block no longer displays on the live page after they publish an update to that page. Also, updating the content with the embed code will not fix the issue as it does not save after publish.

Affected content includes:

  • social media feeds (Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • newsletter subscription forms
  • Google Maps
  • Google Calendars
  • Comment tags in the HTML view
  • anything else that is embedded via the “Text” tab in the Text Block via <iframe>, <script>, or <embed> tags

What is Causing the Issue?

The latest version of ACF automatically removes tags for users of the text editor in the UW Theme. This change in ACF mirrors the security improvements that came with the December 2018 WordPress Core security patch.

Current Mitigation

We have activated a plugin, network-wide, that will temporarily re-enable the use of the following tags in the text editor:

  • <iframe>
  • <input>
  • <script>
  • <style>

However, the tags are only activated with certain approved attributes so it does not guarantee that your tags will work. If you are having trouble adding your code into a Text Block of the site, please drop by an Open Lab to work with a member of our team on an alternative solution.

Future Thinking

Ideally, we ask that WiscWeb admins and editors minimize their use of the “Text” tab as an HTML editor. The current mitigation is a temporary solution as the WiscWeb team evaluates potential solutions to this change. We ask that you please review your content and fill out our Feedback Form with information regarding your use of these tags. This will help inform our process as we move forward.

Get Help

If you are having this issue and are unsure on how to move forward, we ask that you please drop by for one of our upcoming Open Labs. It will be helpful for us to work with you one-on-one to find a fix and document your unique use case. Please also fill out our Feedback Form so that we can capture some of this information more formally.


  • It has been noted that the plugin will not work in Preview Mode. Therefore, you will need to publish before you are able to see changes to your content.
  • You may find that your content is displayed but the style does not look correct. This is likely because the new plugin does not yet include the attributes you need for your content. Please attend an open lab to chat more with us about the attributes you use.