About WiscWeb

WiscWeb is a University funded tool for building and maintaining accessible, mobile-friendly, branded websites. The service enables users to easily deliver an engaging online experience.

We utilize WordPress as a CMS and the UW Theme as the default template. Our team is made up of highly skilled individuals who provide a host of services including onboarding, training, technical support, server support, and development. We have been building websites on the UW-Madison campus since 2008!

For a quick overview of what to expect in WiscWeb, please review our welcome video or look below to learn more about what we offer.

Learn more about WiscWeb

Red outline of a prize wheel indicating features that come with the UW Theme in WiscWeb.

Service features

A comprehensive list of the benefits of using the WiscWeb service.

Service features

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Benefits analysis

A chart view of what the WiscWeb service can and cannot offer.

Benefits analysis

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Use cases

An overview of the types of sites are the best fit for WiscWeb.

Use cases

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Example websites

A list of hosted WiscWeb URLs. (You must login with NetID to view).

Example websites

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Access and eligibility

Who can own and edit WiscWeb sites as well as who is ineligible.

Access + eligibility

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One-on-one virtual help

Schedule time with a team member to learn more about WiscWeb.

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