Intended use cases

Common uses

Typical website types

WiscWeb hosts sites for numerous groups across campus.

Here’s our most common website types:

  • Research and lab sites
  • Administrative/departmental
  • Academic** (specifically, campus academic departments. Please see notes in the “alternatives” section below regarding Course Content)
  • Centers
  • Events/Conferences

Typical website content

WiscWeb is great for groups looking for dynamic content with a host of different display options.

Here are the top uses of WiscWeb webpages:

  • Informative and descriptive text
  • Departmental promotional content
  • Blog/post/news content
  • Publications
  • Faculty/staff contact information
  • Digital forms
  • Event calendars


There are a few situations where alternatives might be more appropriate. They are as follows:

Static sites
If you really only need to host static content, WiscWeb may be overkill. Consider Google Sites, instead.

Personal sites
WiscWeb is not funded to support personal websites. Google Sites would be a more appropriate alternative.

Manifest-protected sites
If you require Manifest protection on part or all of your site, this is not something that WiscWeb can deliver. Consider adding the content to the UW KnowledgeBase, to a Google Site, or hosting the content in Web Hosting.

Access to CSS
In WiscWeb, we control the styling of the site and users are limited to only a few paid customizations to the UW Theme. If you need more control over your CSS/styles, or want customize your own theme, we suggest hosting the content in DoIT Web Hosting. If there are features you wish to be added to the UW Theme, please submit these via our Feature Request Board.

Unlimited plugins
WiscWeb’s small team hosts, maintains, and supports a select list of vendor and custom-built plugins. If additional plugins are needed, consider hosting your WordPress site in Web Hosting, where you’ll have a little more flexibility to customize your site with as many plugins as you desire.

Course content
WiscWeb isn’t really set up to support course-related content like quizzing and grades. Instead, add this content to a Learning Management Tool (LMS) like Canvas.

Registered student organizations (RSO)
Student organizations are not supported in WiscWeb. Instead, try adding your content to the WIN site.