Customizing Your Site


We will complete customizations as quickly as we are able but may be delayed due to high backlog.

Also, as a small team, we are strictly limited to the customizations outlined in this page. Any follow-up requests other than a logo swap, color change, or font change will be denied. Similarly, if the changes made do not look right to you in our QA/Staging environment, we will allow only one additional opportunity to edit before pushing the changes to Production.

Recolor the Site

The campus red color (#c5050c) can be replaced on your site by one single alternative color, provided that it passes color contrast for readability.

For this, we will need you to choose a new color, and supply the hex code. Find your color and you can add it to your customization request form.

Unfortunately, we are not able to make certain instances of the red one color and other instances another color. This is an all-or-nothing change.

A UW Theme site with a custom color
A UW Theme site with a custom color

Change the Font

By default, the headings/titles in the theme are in the campus-branded Verlag font. In your child theme, the Verlag font can be changed to a Google Font of your choosing. If one is not chosen, your site will be updated to Montserrat, which is the backup font for campus.

Also, if you decide to remove or replace the UW Crest, you will be required to change out the Verlag font. The crest and the font are a packaged deal. You cannot have one without the other.

A UW Theme site with the default font
A UW Theme site with the default font “Verlag” switched to “Helvetica”

Customization Process


The customizations process can take several days to even weeks, depending on team member availability.
Here are the basic steps in the process:

  1. Complete customization form: Below is a link to our customization request form. You will need to complete this form to formally request that customizations be added to your site.
  2. Approval: The customization form will automatically be sent to the WiscWeb team and University Marketing for approval. The request must be approved by both teams in order to be added to our development queue.
  3. Work added to queue: After your request is approved, we’ll add your request to our queue of customizations. Customizations are complete based on priority and submission date.
  4. Review changes: When customizations are complete, we’ll provide you with a preview link so you can review the changes on your site before they go live.
  5. Changes go live!: When you’re ready, you’ll give us the green light and we’ll add the customizations to your live site.

Note: Each stylistic change requested in this form is a set price of $255 (apiece).


It is required that you have the following assets / information ready when you submit the customization request form. If you do not provide the needed information your request will likely be denied.

Logo change:

  • Logo asset (for replacement only)
  • Font choice, any Google Font or “Montserrat”

Color change:

  • Hex color code

Font change:

  • Font choice, any Google Font or “Montserrat”

DoIT Billing Number

Customization Request Form