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  • UW Publications Plugin Live

    We have released the UW Publications plugin for use by sites wanting to add in information about various publications like books and journal articles.

  • Removal of Old Hero Carousel from UW Theme

    The next update to the UW Theme will come with one significant change to the hero area of the page builder. When the theme was initially launched, the hero had limited features. Specifically, users looking …

  • Final Beta Version of UW Theme

    The final beta version of the UW Theme has been released. Here are some of the major changes and updates that you should expect to see.

  • Accordion Panel Discussion

    Have questions about Accordion Panels?  Want to suggest an improvement?  Add your questions and comments below!

  • March 2017 Brown Bag Recap

    Here’s a recap of what was talked about in the March 2017 brown bag, in case you missed it: Google Maps We’ve gotten a few inquiries for how to add a Google Map to a webpage …

  • February 2017 Brown Bag Recap

    Here’s a recap of what was talked about in the February 2017 brown bag, in case you missed it: New WiscWeb Sites We currently have over 70 projects created under our new WordPress service. Three …

  • Drop in for an Open Lab!

    We're now offering open lab sessions for users building out their WiscWeb sites! Check out our schedule and drop in anytime. Our staff will be there to answer your questions and provide feedback and guidance.

  • What Exactly Does ‘Responsive’ Mean?

    As mobile devices and tablets became more widely used, web developers struggled with the best way to deliver a consistent look and user experience across so many possible screen sizes. There are a couple options …

  • Your WordPress Questions – Answered

    Can I preview what my edits look like in the same screen? Yes and no. With OpenText, any change you made would show up in the actual design of your page in the CMS. In …

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