UW Theme Version 1.4.1

UW Theme version 1.4.1 was released on May 2, 2019. A full change log of updates is listed in GitLab.

The following are a few highlights from this recent update:

Links Underlined by Default

This update styles anchor tags to display with underlines. Previously, only content areas with colored backgrounds had underlined links but the default background anchor tags did not. This is most apparent in news and events lists:

Snapshot view of an events list in WiscWeb, showing that links are now underlined by default.

Archive Page for Fac/Staff Post Type

The archive page for fac/staff will only be accessible if person has been tagged with a specific category. This category will then appear in the breadcrumbs on the individual biography page and leads to a WordPress-generated list view of all fac/staff in that category.

This list view was previously ordered based on date added but now defaults to alpha order.

Embed Content Page Element Available in 3 Column Layout

The Embed Content page element allows users to embed certain types of content (specifically YouTube/Vimeo videos and Twitter feeds) by simply including a URL to the page.

Older versions of this element only allowed for its use in 1 or 2 column layouts.  This update has made the Embed Content page element in 3 column layouts, as well.

Help Documentation: Using the Embed Content Page Element

Nested Links in Group of Links Menus

The Group of Links menu is a page element that allows for a stylized list of links to be displayed in-page. These are typically used as a second level of navigation for large sites with a lot of parent/child pages.

This functionality used to lack clear, visible differentiation between link levels. Additionally, the bullets and single up/down arrows that appeared next to child links were confusing:

Group of Links page element design before the UW Theme 1.4.1 update. The design did not allow for parent/child relationships.

The Group of Links menu has now been significantly modified to allow for parent/child relationships with clearly defined levels:

The Group of Links menu now allows for parent/child relationships in an easy to follow design.

Helpful Documentation: How to Use the Group of Links Page Element

Privacy Statement in Footer

In an effort to align more closely with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) standards for web development, a link to the University privacy statement has been added to the footer of all UW Theme sites.

A University privacy statement has been added to the footer of all UW Theme sites.

Google Search Console ID Field in Customizer

Google’s Search Console tool allows users to track a site’s performance and make adjustments in order to enhance placement in search results. It also offers a way to request that Google recrawl a website and/or link to a sitemap (please note that sitemaps cannot be generated with this tool, only associated with your site).

This option, as well as options to add Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager IDs, is now located in a section of the Customizer titled Google Services.

Recently updated Google Services hub in the Customizer, displaying fields for Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager.

Helpful Documentation: Adding Google Search Console to a Site

This update does not include the upgrades to WordPress Core or plugin updates. At this time we have delayed the rollout of those items until next week to provide more time for internal testing.

If you notice anything that is not working as expected with your site following these updates, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at cms-support@doit.wisc.edu.