UW Theme Update to Include ACF Version 5.7.9

The UW Theme will soon be updated to include the latest version of Advanced Custom Fields (version 5.7.9). This change will rollout to WiscWeb customers automatically.

What is Happening and Why?

The page builder still works exactly the same as before. The biggest issue was that ACF was using the word “controlls” as a selector instead of the proper spelling “controls”. This was changed at some point and it broke all of our custom CSS and JS.

ACF also updated their JS API. This caused the gear button that opens the content layout settings to not work. Previously we used an API function, to show and hide the settings fields. This function would conditionally hide a field and all other fields that relied on the value of that field to be shown. The only case where this was an issue was when the “Background Choice” field that would show or hide the “Background Image” field based on it’s value.

How does this affect you?

As a UW Theme content editor, you should see no significant change to your daily routines, as this is an update that has more effect on development tasks within WordPress and the theme itself.

One small change you may notice will be the design of the pop-up box that appears when removing a page element or content layout in your page.

The old version of the ACF “delete” box options looked like this:

Old Advanced Custom Fields options that show up when you delete a content layout or page element

The new version of the ACF “delete” box options will look like this:

New Advanced Custom Fields options that show up when you delete a content layout or page element

What do you need to do?

We will be notifying our customers (via email) when the change is in place. At that time, please take a few minutes to test our your site. We would like for you to log in to your site, make some general edits and perhaps content creation, and see if there are any oddities or errors that you run across. Try out different page elements, custom post  types (like the Fac/Staff options), and plugins.

If you run into any issues or something is not working as expected, please notify us via our support email address: cms-support@doit.wisc.edu.

Also, please drop by an Open Lab if you would like to connect one-on-one with a member of our team.