UW Theme Version 1.2.0

UW Theme version 1.2.0 was released on May 10, 2018. A full change log of updates for the UW Theme 1.2.0 release is available in GitLab. (After clicking the link to view the change log, please make sure to use the UW-Madison NetID button to login with your campus credentials).

The following are a few highlights from this recent update:

“View More” and “More News” Link Styling

We’ve had several customers note that the styling between the “More News” link in the News/Post List and the “View More” link for the Events Calendar list is not consistent. As these two options are often listed side-by-side in a two column layout, the differences seemed a little confusing to users. To remedy this issue, we have added some CSS to the UW Theme to make these look more consistently styled. Unfortunately, we cannot make these areas look identical as the Post List is a page element built into the theme and the Events List is generated by a 3rd party plugin (known as Events Calendar Pro). Our options are limited in terms of augmenting the existing code for the Events Calendar plugin and therefore, you will not see the double red arrows next to the “View More” link at the bottom of Events Lists. However, both will now appear in bolded Verlag font.

New Stylesheet for Gravity Forms

Some form fields in the Gravity Forms plugin were rendering oddly in the UW Theme. Most notably, text was not aligning correctly with radio buttons/checkboxes, dropdown boxes had no arrow to indicate it was a dropdown, and time fields weren’t lining up with the colon (:). New styles have been added to the theme which corrects these stylistic issues.

Option to Hide Featured Image in Post

WordPress allows editors to set a Featured Image for posts that displays both in the post list (as a thumbnail) and a full width image on the top of the actual post. We’ve found that it was difficult for users to pick a photo that looked good both in a 100 x 100 pixel thumbnail and a full-width banner-type image. Users like the option to have a thumbnail display in the list but wanted more control of how it looked on the post page. Therefore, we have added the option to turn off the featured image on the post page but still have it display in the list view. If a user would like for an image to display in the text of a post, they can still add it through the Media Library and choose to have text wrap around it or not. This option is displayed as a small checkbox near the Featured Image box on a post. It will have to be turned on for each post in which you’d like to stop the featured image from being displayed at the top of the page.

Featured Image box featuring the hide image from post checkbox

Additional Sub-Title Field for Fac/Staff Post Type

Many have noted that an additional field is needed in the Faculty/Staff post type for credentials like PhD, MD, VMD, etc. We have added this in as another optional field that can be toggled on or off in the page element view. The new field will appear below the First and Last Name fields when adding a new faculty/staff member.

Credentials Field in Faculty/Staff Member View:

The new credentials field will appear below the Last Name field in the Faculty/Staff Member view.

When placing a Faculty/Staff Listing on a page via the page element, a new checkbox is visible (and checked by default) that says “Display credentials for faculty/staff.” Make sure to uncheck this box if you don’t want the credentials to display in list view. If no credentials were added in the Member View, none will display in the list view.

Credentials in Page Element View:

A new checkbox is available (and checked by default) for credentials in the Faculty/Staff List page element.

Faculty/Staff List Excerpt Field

Many of our users want to add a full biography to a faculty/staff member page but only want a short portion of it to display in the list view. Previously, this option wasn’t available. An editor could either have the full bio show in the list view or turn it off for list view entirely. We have now added the option to display an excerpt field in the list view. This will allow you to display some intro text for the person without it taking up the entire fac/staff list page.

To utilize this new feature, add the full bio into the Biography section of the Fac/Staff Member page and add the teaser text into the Excerpt field.

Excerpt Field in Faculty/Staff Member View:

To add an excerpt to the Faculty/Staff Member page, scroll to the bottom of the page to the Excerpt field.

In the fac/staff list page element, check the box for “Show Biography” and choose the radio button to show either the Full Biography or the Excerpt.

Excerpt Option in Faculty/Staff List View:

In the faculty/staff list view, check the box to "Show Biography" and choose the radio button to show "Full Biography" or "Excerpt"

Randomize Images in Hero Carousel

One of the more popular requests we’ve received is to add the option to randomize hero images upon refresh of the page. We are excited to announce that this is now an option for all UW Theme users! You will now see a checkbox to “Randomize the slide order” in the Hero/Upper Content Area of your site.