WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg) resources

We’ve been talking a lot about the WordPress Block Editor (sometimes referred to as Gutenberg) recently. In case you’re unfamiliar, this article gives you a quick overview of what it is and where you can learn more about it.

What is it?

The Block Editor was released in 2018 and has been adopted by thousands of sites all over the world. The editor first launched under the code name Gutenberg but now is known widely as the Block Editor.

Now there is a Gutenberg plugin where new features available for testing before they are released to the Block Editor in WordPress Core.

There are some really nice benefits to using the block editor, including enhanced flexibility and and control over content.

Where can I learn more?

  1. UW Theme Gutenberg transition – Details on the plans for building a new version of the UW Theme with Gutenberg.
  2. Block Editor Handbook – A comprehensive guide to the new editor, including in-depth documentation.
  3. Block editor overview – This article gives a really nice introduction to the block editor functionality.
  4. Gutenberg demo – Experiment with a real version of Gutenberg to learn more about how it looks and functions.