UW Theme updated to 1.30.0

On Monday, February 12, 2024, the WordPress UW Theme was updated to version 1.30.0 in the WiscWeb service. A full list of changes in this version of the UW Theme can be reviewed in the changelog.

This release includes a few new features!

Image only carousel

Users were interested in new display options for their images and logos in the UW Theme that didn’t require text content. The Image Only Carousel allows for display of several images or logos in a rotating, slideshow format. This option is different from pre-existing carousels in the UW Theme as it is only intended for images, and doesn’t allow for text, a caption, or a heading for the image.

Here’s some of the neat features of this new page element:

  • Available for one, two, and three column layouts
  • Ability to specify height for slideshow
  • Displays well in both desktop and mobile
  • Optional setting to specify where each image should link
  • Ability to add multiple images to the carousel at the same time

Thanks to the users who upvoted this feature in our feature request board (feature #83)!


This change involves some changes to the pre-existing carousel option:

  • With this change, the pre-existing image carousel has been renamed to “Image and Content Carousel.”
  • Even if a small, vertically oriented image is uploaded, images uploaded to the Image and Content Carousel will be automatically cropped to fit the carousel dimensions at a 3/2 aspect ratio. This may mean that images you had previously loaded will now look different. If you do not like the new display, we recommend uploading a new version of the image that is 900 by 600 pixels.

New settings for content layouts

Adjusting padding between content layouts

There are two requests that we heard commonly in WiscWeb:

  1. I want a way to reduce the amount of space between content layouts
  2. I wish I could add a one column introduction paragraph or sentence on top of a 2 or 3 column layout

This new feature will allow for both! A bunch of new settings have been added to the content layout settings area, including the ability to adjust the padding between content layouts.

Two options in the content layout settings for adjusting padding between rows

Thanks to the users who upvoted this feature in our feature request board (feature #9 and feature #93)!

Setting narrowed width for content

With this update, we’ve made it easier to set narrowed width for your content. This option works for 1, 2, and 3 column layouts!

Content width options for the content layout area, including default, 800px, 1000 px, and 1200px options.

Hiding a content layout row

This option allows you to hide an entire row from being displayed on the live view of the site. It also does not show the content in the page source code.

Blue button with the text "Hide Row"

If you notice any breaking issues on your site after this update, please submit a request via our Customer Support Form (Note: please choose the “Emergency Issue” option when submitting). Please provide as much detail as possible when documenting the issue you are experiencing.

Thanks to the user who reported this issue in our feature request board (feature #131)!