Heading Styles Changing in UW Theme

We would like to make you aware of an important stylistic change coming with the next UW Theme update (tentatively scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 21).

What is being changed?
Certain UW Theme headings will no longer be restyled (via CSS) to all capital letters. Instead, they will be displayed exactly how they are typed into the page by the editor of the content.

Examples can be found on the UW Theme test site.
(Please note that content on this site is used for testing purposes only.)

Affected elements:

  • Page titles
  • Certain headings in Text Blocks (H2, for example)
  • Row Headlines (Content Layout Blocks)
  • H2 and H3 headings for page elements (like Post Lists and Featured Content Blocks)

We encourage you to check your sites
We highly recommend that you double-check the headings/titles on your site now, in case you’d like to adjust them before this change is released. For example, some content editors may have typed their headings in all lowercase lettering, knowing that they will automatically be restyled by the style sheet to appear in all CAPS letters. It is suggested that you change these now, in anticipation of this upcoming UW Theme release.

How do I update my headings?
We have documented the steps for updating your content in our KnowledgeBase.

Why is this being changed?
CAPS lettering can be difficult for users to read, causing accessibility and usability concerns. We’ve also noted that several groups on campus have important acronyms on their site that get lost when the headings are capitalized.

When is this changing?
We are tentatively planning on rolling out this update to WiscWeb users on Thursday, Jan. 21. However, this date may get pushed back if further testing or development is required.

Accessibility note
The Center for User Experience recommends sentence casing for headings/titles as it provides the best readability. Title casing is acceptable, but can make proper nouns indiscernible from other text.

For feedback regarding this change, please contact cms-support@doit.wisc.edu or use the “comment” option in the footer of the KnowledgeBase document. We will also be discussing this topic at our January Lunch and Learn meeting on Thursday, Jan. 14.