UW Theme Updated to 1.27.0

On Tuesday, October 17, 2023, the WordPress UW Theme was updated to version 1.27.0 in the WiscWeb service. A full list of changes in this version of the UW Theme can be reviewed in the changelog.

This release includes an update to ACF, as well as some bug fixes (mostly related to PHP) and a few new features:

Option to set narrowed width for 1 column layouts

We have added an option to set narrowed width for text elements in a one column layout. This is not required but is a nice addition for improving readability/accessibility of text. This can be set site-wide using the new Customizer option.

It is important to note that this option will default to centered h1 headings. These headings also have styles applied that wrap longer text to limit “lonely” words. This helps improve layout quality and legibility (more info). This addition is not compatible with all browsers so you may notice inconsistencies in how headings are displayed between Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

Instructions and details can be found in the KnowledgeBase document titled WiscWeb – Setting narrowed width for one column layouts.

Link option for image page element

The image page element used to just show an image within a two or three column layout.

This element now has the option to link to a URL, if desired.

Options available for the Image page element

Instructions and details can be found in the KnowledgeBase document titled WiscWeb – Image page element.

Thanks to the user who requested this feature in our feature request board (feature #92)!

Removal of empty content layouts

In the past, empty content layouts would show up on the page as an empty box.

We’ve now updated this so that if a content layout is added without any page elements, it will not show up as content on the page.

Updates to documentation on contributing to the UW Theme

We’ve updated contributing.md, the doc that details how to contribute feedback/edits to the UW Theme.

Important changes include:

  • How to report issues with the theme
  • How to request new features for the theme
  • How to contribute your own code to the theme

If you notice any breaking issues on your site after this update, please submit a request via our Customer Support Form (Note: please choose the “Emergency Issue” option when submitting). Please provide as much detail as possible when documenting the issue you are experiencing.