UW Theme Updated to 1.22.0

On Thursday, February 16, 2023, the WordPress UW Theme was updated to version 1.22.0 in the WiscWeb service. A full list of changes in this version of the UW Theme can be reviewed in the changelog.

With this release, the UW Theme has been updated to replace all instances of Verlag and Vitesse with either Red Hat Text and Red Hat Display.

Here are a couple of items of note:

Paragraphs changing to sans-serif font

With this font change, paragraph text will switch from serif (Georgia) to sans-serif (either Red Hat or a Google Font, if using customizations). The UW Theme will no longer include a serif option after that change. All text will be sans-serif.

Child theme websites

Websites with child themes may display a mix of fonts while the changes are rolling out. This should not affect the function of your site, however font styles may take a day or two to update and might display as the system fallback font during the transition.

Not sure if you’re using a child theme? Confirm via our list of child theme sites.

Vitesse font / stylized quotes

Much of the discussion around the font change involves the change to Verlag font. However, Vitesse font was also replaced. There’s really only one place in the UW Theme that this font existed: within the Stylized Quote page element. Please note that this element was updated to use Red Hat font on February 16.

Font customization support

With this update, we are changing our customizations model for font changes. We will no longer be requiring or offering the option to customize site fonts using Google Fonts within WiscWeb. All future websites and customizations will use Red Hat fonts. Any existing customizations to fonts can remain at this time, however, we highly encourage transition to Red Hat.

Known issues

  • [Fix in progress] Headings in alternating content blocks will appear white when the content layout background is changed to dark red, Badger red, or dark gray. This makes the heading unreadable.

If you notice any breaking issues on your site after this update, please submit a request via our Customer Support Form (Note: please choose the “Emergency Issue” option when submitting). Please provide as much detail as possible when documenting the issue you are experiencing.