Introducing the New Primary Administrator Role!

The WiscWeb team has long struggled with knowing who should be contacted when there is an issue or question about a site. To assist with this, we’ve added a new user role simply for that designation: the Primary Administrator.

The Primary Administrator role mirrors a normal Administrator in every way – the only difference is the name. The new name helps our team understand who can make decisions about the site and must be informed about changes, concerns, etc.

We are requesting that every group set the Primary Administrator on their site, at their earliest convenience:

  1. Access the Dashboard for your site
  2. Click on Users to access your list of users
  3. Select the user you wish to update by checking the box next to their name
  4. Click on the arrows in the Box that says “Change role to…”
  5. Select the Primary Administrator role for this userDropdown of user roles available in WiscWeb
  6. Click Change


The following KnowledgeBase documents provide more information about user roles and how to update them: