Changes to WiscVPN Will Affect WiscWeb Editors/Admins

As you may have heard, WiscVPN will be requiring multi-factor authentication (MFA) with Duo starting on August 23.

For more information about this change, please see the related IT website article and stay tuned to VPN news in mailings like Tech Partners.

How Will This Affect Me as a WiscWeb Editor/Admin?

In WiscWeb, we require VPN authentication if accessing the dashboard of your site from off campus. Therefore, you would have to authenticate via Duo in the following scenarios moving forward:

  • If attempting to edit your site from off campus
  • If attempting to edit your site from on campus while not connected to a campus wireless network like EduRoam or UWNet

What Will I Have to Do?

You will be required to authenticate via Duo when connecting to WiscVPN. This process is similar to how Duo is now required when authenticating to various campus tools via Shibboleth using your NetID credentials.

What if I Have Issues?

If you experience issues with connecting to WiscVPN after this change, please reach out to the DoIT Help Desk: These issues cannot be remedied by the WiscWeb team.

If you have feedback about this change, please submit those to DoIT via the Google feedback form.