UW Theme Updated to 1.14.0

On Thursday, March 4, the WordPress UW Theme was updated to version 1.14.0 in the WiscWeb service. A full list of changes in this version of the UW Theme can be reviewed in the changelog. This theme release is primarily focused on bug fixes and updates to ACF functionality. This update also addresses bugs with the headings within the UW Theme.

Heading styles

We have reviewed the display of in-page headings in the theme and have made additional changes to remove more of the capitalization styling. Users will notice that headings typed into in-page elements (Content Layout Headlines, Text Blocks, Featured Content Blocks, Group of Links menus, etc) should now all display as typed. However, it is important to note that this styling will still be visible in Footer headings, Breadcrumbs, Utility Link menus, the “More News” value in Post Listings page elements, and button text.

Reminder: We recommend retyping all headings (using the steps above) to be sentence case for best readability. Instructions for this are located in our KnowledgeBase documentation.

Updates to Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

WiscWeb continues to include ACF updates into each UW Theme release to allow for better testing and troubleshooting of issues. This release will bring us to version 5.9.5. More information about recent ACF updates can be found in their changelog.

No button changes in this release

During the February WiscWeb Lunch & Learn, we had demonstrated the new button stylings that were intended to go into this Theme release. Unfortunately, that change will not be made just yet. We will revisit this change for the May UW Theme update.

If you notice anything that is not working as expected with your site following these updates, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at cms-support@doit.wisc.edu.