WiscWeb Domain Redirect Updates

In August of 2019, the WiscWeb migrated the service’s website domain mapping from a 3rd party plugin to WordPress’s new native domain mapping solution.

Prior to this migration site editors and admins could access their site by either visiting their production domain or their .wiscweb.wisc.edu domain, however native domain mapping would remove the ability for sites with custom production domains (launched sites) to access their site via their original .wiscweb domain.

To make this transition to native WordPress domain mapping as smooth as possible, we implemented redirects to allow users to get to their site using their .wiscweb domain. However, now that the transition is complete and all sites are using native domain mapping, these redirects are no longer needed. The WiscWeb team will be removing these redirects over the next few weeks.

If you have a WiscWeb site that is not currently launched and is using a .wiscweb domain, these changes will not affect you. If your WiscWeb site is launched, your original .wiscweb domain will no longer redirect to your production domain, however your site and content will remain as is.

These changes will not affect any content or sites. We don’t anticipate this change affecting many, if any, of you but we wanted to provide our users with information about the situation in the event that they do attempt to access their site using their old domain.

For any questions or concerns about this update, please reach out to WiscWeb Support via our Support Form.