UW Theme 1.6.0 + Updates to Publications Plugin

On Thursday, September 5, the WordPress UW Theme was updated to version 1.6.0 within the WiscWeb Service. Additionally, some changes were rolled out to the publications plugin.

A full list of changes in this version of the UW Theme can be reviewed in the changelog. Highlights of the theme update include:

Cookie Consent on All WiscWeb Projects

The cookie consent javascript module displays a dialog box at the bottom of every page of your website that:

  • informs site visitors about the use of cookies on your site
  • provides a link to the UW–Madison privacy notice
  • displays a confirmation button that visitors can click to indicate that they understand the cookie policy

Once the confirmation button is clicked, the dialog box will no longer appear to that user when they visit your site, or any other wisc.edu website using this module, from the same device and browser.

The UW-Madison GDPR cookie consent message

For more information about this change, please visit the University of Wisconsin – Madison brand website.

Color Specificity in Accordions

Links inside accordions used to be white if the parent container has a background color set. This change increases the CSS specificity to eliminate this conflict.


Before view of new CSS link colors in accordion panels.


After view of new CSS link colors in accordion panels.

Grouping of Today.wisc.edu Events

This update changes the grouping of Today.wisc.edu events from just month to month and year so that events in the same month but in different years do not get grouped together.

If the first group of events and the last group of events are in the same year, only the month will be shown. If they’re in different years, month and year will be shown.

Centered LinkedIn Icon in Fac/Staff Listing

Previously, if the LinkedIn icon was displayed under a Fac/Staff listing, it was appearing slightly off center. We’ve updated this so that it appears centered, as expected.


Before view of LinkedIn icon not being centered under Fac/Staf listing


After view of LinkedIn icon being centered under Fac/Staf listing

Group of Links Double Arrows + Formatting

A double arrow icon appears next to links in a Group of Links list. Prior to this update, this arrow would periodically appear directly below a link. It will now be grouped with the last word in the link and wrap down to the next line.


Group of links menu in the UW Theme showing the double arrows going to the next line.


Group of links menu in the UW theme showing the double arrow being grouped with the text.

Additionally, we have updated the formatting of this page element fixes the large gaps of spacing between list elements in the “Group of Links” page element of the UW Theme.

Publications Plugin Update

We have added three new features to the publications plugin: the ability to populate publications via a CSV file, pagination for long lists of publications, and more citation style formats (CSL).

Please note that the addition of more citation style formats means that the default structure for author names has changed slightly. These now appear in last name, first initial format:


Publication list showing "before" view of author structure


Publication list showing "after" view of author structure

If you have questions about this theme update, please direct them accordingly: