WordPress Users Community of Practice

In January of 2018, members of the WiscWeb community formed a Community of Practice (CoP) group. This is a space for WordPress admins and editors to share their experiences, offer guidance, and ask questions of the larger group. The CoP is facilitated by members of the UW community — not the WiscWeb team members. It is not a replacement or in competition with the services DoIT already offers for training and support. The group meets quarterly (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) on the last Wednesday of the month from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM. Join the mailing list to stay informed (info below).

Mailing List

The CoP uses an open mailing list to communicate with all members of the team. Users can ask questions and share information to everyone on the mailing list.

To Join the WordPress Users Community of Practice Email List:
Send a blank email to the WP List to join: wp+subscribe@g-groups.wisc.edu

To Email the WordPress Users Community of Practice Group:
Send an email to the WP address: wp@g-groups.wisc.edu

Google Team Drive

The CoP uses a Google Team Drive to share documents relating to the group. This includes meeting agendas, CoP member names and contact information, a discussion topics list, etc.

Upcoming Sessions