WiscWeb Training Resources

On this page you will find training videos from previous sessions that have been recorded. Some of this content may be out of date when you review it.

Goal Setting

How to develop and measure website goals

This video introduces techniques to help UW-Madison website managers develop methods to match their UW-Madison business objectives to specific and measurable website goals. Topics covered include: measuring the right metrics, why goal setting matters, how to strategically think about website goals, and different ways of measuring.

The outcome of this session would be to identify clear goals that will help choose the right metrics to help you measure progress, map the goals to lower-level signals and refine those signals into metrics you’ll track over time.

You can access the presentation as well as several handouts by going to https://go.wisc.edu/heart-framework.

Google Analytics

The Basics of Google Analytics

Thinking about using Google Analytics on your campus website, or already have it set up but not sure what to do with it? The Basics of Google Analytics training will help answer some of your introductory questions. Topics covered will include why you might use it to better understand your website traffic and keep visitors returning, and how to approach your analytics data. This training also includes an introductory walkthrough of a campus Google Analytics dashboard.

You can access the presentation as well as several handouts by going to https://go.wisc.edu/analytics-basics.

Digging Deeper Into Google Analytics

If you are already using Google Analytics with your site, this class will provide a deeper dive into understanding why the data you are collecting is important and how to pull even more from the information you are gathering.

This class will cover the more pointed questions you can ask yourself besides looking at just the numbers: identifying pages that are performing poorly; tracking the success of social media and email campaigns; analyzing unique segments of data; comparing data against other metrics and time periods; and sharing your specific metrics with others (reporting). The full presentation is available for download.


Accessibility for Content Creators

Learn how to apply good content design practices to make your web content more accessible and usable for all users, including people with disabilities.

You use accessibility every day when navigating UW-Madison websites, turning your music on with Alexa’s voice recognition, or accessing your bank app using just a few fingers. Help your users benefit from and do amazing things with your web content and resources. You will learn:

    • The difference between accessibility barriers and usability challenges.
    • How users with disabilities navigate web content.
    • How to design, test, and adjust your content for accessibility.

You can access the presentation as well as several handouts by going to https://go.wisc.edu/f77651.

User Research

Below is the video from the “Basics of User Research” Brown Bag from Friday, April 19, 2019. The presentation is available for view and download.