Gravity Forms

GravityForms is a WordPress Plug-In that allows you to insert simple forms into Text Blocks.  You can choose from a variety of question types to solicit the information you need from visitors to your site.  Submissions will be sent to an email address of your choice.

Documentation for Gravity Forms can be found on the Vendor website or by visiting our WiscWeb KnowledgeBase hub.

Please note that our move to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in June of 2018 has resulted in a change to the way that Gravity Forms forms are sent. In order to make sure your forms are sending, you must make sure that the From Email (in the Notifications Settings) is listed as More information on this change can be found in our post relating to changes to the service after our move to AWS.

If you are interested in CAPTCHA, please follow our KnowledgeBase instructions for adding CAPTCHA to your Gravity Forms.

Gravity Forms in Action

Here’s an example of what a Gravity Forms form looks like in-page.

Form Demo

Here are several question types built in GravityForms.
    Radio buttons allow you to offer multiple choices and have your users select one.
  • Single Line Text questions allow users to enter a short answer.
    Checkboxes allow you to have visitors select multiple choices in a response, if applicable.
  • You can also add a paragraph text to give more information about a question or series of questions.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.