Posts Listing

The Posts Listing Page Element can be used to display your newest Posts to your site visitors.  You will need to be using Posts on your site via a blog, events, or another content type that uses Posts.  Our KnowledgeBase offers instructions on using Posts Listing.

The examples below show Posts Listings being used in One, Two, and Three Column Content Layouts.  You can choose to display:

  • All posts, specific posts, or posts by category.
  • The number of posts (the default is 5).
  • The date of the post.
  • The excerpt of the post.

All of these options are shown below in the various examples.

Posts Listing One Column with All Data

Posts Listing Two Column with All Data

All Posts Three Column with All Data

Using Posts Listing in Three Column Content Layouts reduces the amount of space available for extra items like post date and excerpt.  Test how they work and see which options look best on both desktop and mobile displays.