Faculty Staff Listing

The Faculty/Staff Listing Page Element allows you to display a series of faculty, staff, and/or persons on a page.  The listings will be formatted in a table-like format, and you can control what information is displayed on this page.  Each person listing will also contain a link that users can click on that will be a unique page containing more information on that person (e.g. biography, more contact information, etc.).  The Faculty/Staff Listing is only available in One Column Content Layouts.

Our KnowledgeBase offers instructions on using the Faculty/Staff page element on a page, as well as adding people to your site.

Below is a sample Faculty/Staff Listing with 3 columns.  Scroll down to see an example with 4 columns.

3 Column Faculty/Staff Listing

Scott Berg

Position title: Developer

Matt Goins

Position title: Client Engagement Specialist

Publications by Matt Goins

Please see this stuff down here

Phil Jochimsen

Position title: System Administrator

Jenna Klinner

Position title: Product Owner + Support

Andrea Roenning

Position title: Developer