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Other Resources


The following sites offer mostly free photos for website use:



Stock Snap:

New Old Stock:

Startup Stock Photos:



Placeholders can be used when you are still waiting for content to be written or images to be chosen. They offer a realistic way to preview certain page elements without having to have content ready.

Placeholder Text:

Placeholder Images:

Broken Links

Prior to launching your website – and periodically throughout your site’s life – you should run the URL through a broken link checker. Websites are being updated constantly, which causes page and file names to change without any notification. It is therefore on you, as an editor of the site, to make sure your links and references to them are actually working for your users.

Broken Link Checker:

Google Apps

The UW Theme and some 3rd party-built plugins work with various Google Apps to populate content. Specific examples in the UW Theme would be the Search and Analytics elements in the Customizer and, under our service, the Gravity Forms plugin (for CAPTCHA).

Google Analytics:

Google Custom Search:

Google reCAPTCHA:


Here at WiscWeb, we want to make sure that everyone is able to easily navigate your websites but understand that not everyone knows what this means or how to make their sites more accessible. There are a few campus resources for testing accessibility but we wanted to provide some outside resources as well:


Color Contrast Checker:

Importance of Alt Text:

Accessible Tables: