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If you are new to WiscWeb, we highly recommend reviewing this information listed below to learn a little bit more about what we offer and our limitations. If you are already familiar, feel free to request a new site by using the form link to the right.

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What Does WiscWeb Offer?


The WiscWeb service utilizes an open source content management tool as WordPress for site development. WordPress allows users to build out websites with no prior knowledge or expertise in HTML, CSS or other web development languages.

UW Theme

The WiscWeb WordPress instance is built on the UW Theme. The UW Theme was designed by DoIT Developers, in conjunction with University Marketing (UMark). The theme includes various bits of functionality aimed at making your websites more user-friendly, campus-branded, and robust. These include things like accordions, tabbed content, faculty/staff lists, image galleries, etc.


In addition to the functionality that comes standard with the UW Theme, we also install vetted and secure plugins to our projects in order to allow users more flexibility when building their sites. Unfortunately, we cannot allow users to download plugins themselves as it creates a security risk.

Maintenance + Upgrades

We implement WordPress and theme upgrades, patches and fixes for you. Unfortunately, this will not be something that your team has control over. However, since we handle it ourselves, it is one less thing for you to have to worry about!


If you have questions about what we can offer, we highly recommend reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Key Considerations

We strive to make WiscWeb something that can accommodate most campus needs but there are some things to consider when getting started with this service:


WiscWeb is available to UW-Madison Departments, Faculty, Researchers and Staff for academic and administrative purposes. It is intended for publicly accessible information and users must have a valid NetID in order to administer and edit WiscWeb sites. Websites in this service should be tied to the mission/vision of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The following cannot be accommodated in WiscWeb at the moment:

  • Personal Sites
    WiscWeb is currently not available for personal use. The site must clearly relate to the core mission of the University and can only be used for academic, administrative, research, and organizational purposes.
  • Private Sites
    WiscWeb sites, by default, are publicly accessible.
  • Sensitive/Restricted Data
    The WiscWeb service is not secured to host sensitive or restricted data. Please see the DoIT website for information about handling sensitive University data and restricted data security standards.

If your site needs meet the criteria above, please feel free to request a new site by filling out our form:

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