Frozen trees on the bank of Lake Mendota
Abe Lincoln statue at the top of Bascom Hill

This is a hero image with a headline, or caption, for your audience to read.

Corn growing in campus greenhouse

This is a hero image with a headline, or caption, for your audience to read as well as a link.

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Memorial Union Terrace Chairs
Memorial Union Terrace at night

A featured content inset allows you to add an additional image inside of the hero image, as well as a link.

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Hero Content Area

The Hero Content Area allows you to place a single image or series of images in a rotating carousel that takes up the width of the top of a page.  It is useful to enhance the information on a page with a strong visual representation.  They should not be overused, and most information based pages do not need them.  They can also cause slower load times on mobile networks, disrupting the user experience.

  • The Hero Content Area is 1600 pixels wide and 500 pixels in height.  We recommend using images that are cropped to this size for consistency. Our KnowledgeBase offers instructions for using Adobe Photoshop to crop your images.
  • Images that are taller than 500 pixels will display the middle 500 pixels.  An example of this can be seen in our Uncropped Hero Image page.
  • Images that are shorter than 1600 pixels wide will not scale up.  If you upload an image that is 1200 pixels wide, it will be centered and there will be white space on the left and right of the image.
  • Hero Images can also have a featured content inset or a headline added.  Scroll through the hero carousel above to see examples of each type of Hero content item.

Instructions on using the Hero Content Area of the UW Theme can be found in our KnowledgeBase.