Content Strategy in the UW Theme

There are several ways to display content in your new WiscWeb site and most of them are available via page elements and page builder tools in the UW Theme. Click on the links below to see some of the options for laying out different types of content:


The UW Theme offers several different ways to display images on your pages. Here are a few of our favorites:

Hero Images/Carousels
Hero carousels are a great way to display a large image at the top of your page. These images set the tone for what kind of content the page includes.

Alternating Content Boxes
Alternating Content Boxes allow you to alternate large images with a text/link box. You can type up to 250 characters of text and include up to 3 links (internal or external).

Featured Content Block
Featured Content Blocks are offered in 1, 2, and 3 column layouts. They are most commonly used in 3 column layouts to display an image, title w/ link, and description of a page on your site.

Image Carousel 
An Image Carousel differs from a Hero Carousel in that it is used more in the body of the page and does not span the full width of the page. It allows for a large image on the left with text and an optional link in a box on the right. Users can scan through multiple images by clicking navigational arrows in the carousel.

Image Gallery
If you have a large selection of photos that you’d like to display, the Image Gallery is a nice option. It will display thumbnail versions of your images in the page and then offer a larger-scale version of the image when clicked. You can add a title, caption, and description for each photo in the gallery.

Fun Tip: In addition to the options above, you can also just embed an image within a Text Block by uploading it to the Media Library:


If you think outside of the box, there are some really cool options for displaying links to internal or external pages in the UW Theme. These include:

Group of Links Menu
The Group of Links Menu is a standard menu (created like your main navigational menu), but it can be displayed in a box on your page. These can be included in 1, 2, or 3 column layouts. This is the recommended page element for in-page navigation lists and sidebars.

Alternating Content Blocks
Like with images, Alternating Content Blocks are a nice way to display links within a page. They offer up to 3 links (internal or external) per block. While they shouldn’t be used on every page, they are a nice option for the homepage or pages that need a more engaging way to display an image with text and links.

Featured Content Blocks
Featured Content Blocks are a great option for linking out to sub-pages of a parent page or a related external link. Add an image to give users a better idea of what the page entails. If linking to a sub-page, you can use the Excerpt field of the page to pull in a description of the page.

Documents Listing
The Documents Listing is really only used for links to things like PDFs (not webpage links). However, if you have a lot of downloadable docs to display, this is a great option. It will add a little list of links to the page and can be displayed below a Text Block or even between two areas of text.

Jump Links
Jump Links can be added to longer pages of your site so that the site user can more easily navigate larger chunks of content. Combine them with content layouts (using the RowID field) to jump to obvious groupings of content. An example can be found on our FAQ page.

Categories of Content

If you have a lot of content relating to a couple different headlines of items, there are two unique options for displaying this information:

Accordion Panels
Accordion Panels are collapsible boxes of information with a headline that displays by default and an expandable pane of more information that appears when clicked. They are nice for info that requires longer titles or if there are more than 5 categories of content to display.

Tabbed Content
The Tabbed Content page element will allow you to display content in different tabs with headlines and a box under each tab. Click on the various tabs to open new groupings of content. This is a great option when titles are short and you want content to be displayed horizontally across the page.