Events Calendar Embedded Map Display Changes

If you publish events on your site via the Events Calendar Pro plugin, you may have noticed that the maps on your event pages are no longer rendering and have been replaced with an “Oops! Something went wrong” message:

"Oops! Something went wrong" error

The reason for this is that Google has made a change to their maps API. Google now requires users of programs (like Events Calendar) that references its maps to set an API Key in order for it to display an embedded map. It should be noted that a credit card must be kept on file in order to obtain an API Key.

As we are unable to predict how our customers may want to use their Google Maps API Key (some may decide to sign up for functionality that will charge $$ onto their card), we cannot create a single account for use by all. Instead, we ask that those interested in remedying this error follow one of two steps:

Turn Off the Embedded Map Option in Events Calendar

The first option would be to just turn off this feature of Events Calendar entirely, instead opting to just link out to a map or embed it yourself within the summary of the event.

The steps for turning off this feature can be found in our Events Calendar Google Map Rendering KB document.

You can also embed a Google Map within the summary section of your event. The steps for this can be found in our Create and Embed a Google Custom Map KB document.

Obtain a Google API Key

The second option will be for you to go ahead and register your project in the Google Cloud Platform Console (it is recommended you use a service account for this), put a credit card on file, and obtain an API key that can be added to your Events Calendar settings.

The steps for this option can be found in our Events Calendar Google Map Rendering KB document.