Removal of Old Hero Carousel from UW Theme

The next update to the UW Theme will come with one significant change to the hero area of the page builder. When the theme was initially launched, the hero had limited features. Specifically, users looking to link to additional information were limited to the featured content inset and could only load it on the first slide of the carousel. More recent updates to the theme have restyled this feature and introduced several new options including the ability to utilize the featured content inset and headline fields (new!) on any slide of the carousel.

For months, those who were still using the old carousel option saw a red box around the area, prompting them to remove the images from the old carousel area and reload them in the new one. Here’s a preview of what that looked like:

Old Hero Content Area: This is the old/legacy hero content area. It will be deleted in the near future. Please do not use it and please move any content you have in this area to the other hero content area listed above.

It is now time for us to decommission this old carousel feature. When this change takes place, those who were still utilizing the old carousel will have their image banners removed from their pages. Please note that you can easily recreate these banners in the new version of hero carousel, which will still be available to you after the old one is decommissioned.

New carousel options include:

  • Headline feature with link option
  • Individual display options for each slide of the carousel
  • Show/hide feature for that individual slide

These new features can be previewed in this image:

The new hero content area allows users to upload an image and optionally load additional information into the featured content inset or the headline field. Users can also choose to show or hide this slide of the carousel.

To learn how to use the updated Hero image, please refer to this Knowledge Base document.

For those of you who started building their sites earlier this calendar year, please take some time to review your sites and make sure you are no longer using the older version of the carousel (again, denoted by the red box around it). Rebuild all instances of the old carousel in the new version and republish your pages.