Final Beta Version of UW Theme

The final beta version of the UW Theme has been released. Here are some of the major changes and updates that you should expect to see.

A full change log of updates is listed in GitLab:

Hero Carousel

There have been significant upgrades made to the hero carousel in the UW Theme. The page element now allows for different panel variations, including:

  • a standalone image
  • an image with a headline set manually that can optionally link to a URL
  • an image with a headline fed from a page or post that will link to the page or post
  • an image with an inset box that features an optional image and excerpt text that can link to a page or post or ad hoc URL

Important: Users should also note that the old carousel will be deprecated with this update. If you are using a hero carousel on your WiscWeb site currently, you will see an alert on that page indicating that you should replace it with the new version (which will appear below it). Use the new hero content fields as instructed to reset your pages’ hero content.

Help Documentation:

Faculty/Staff Page Element

Another feature that is getting an upgrade is the Faculty/Staff page element. Users will now have the option to:

  • Add a LinkedIn URL
  • Add an unlimited number of arbitrary data element fields (each with its own label, value and optional URL)
  • Control the size of photos in the faculty/staff listing or not use photos at all
  • Include a bio in the staff listing page element

Help Documentation


The footer of the UW Theme has received some minor changes, as well. There is now an option to add a feedback email link in the Customizer so that your website users have someone to contact for accessibility and other questions. If not used, the site admin email address will be set as the default. To change the site admin email address, navigate to Dashbooard > Settings > General.

Help Documentation

Questions & Comments

If you have any questions or comments regarding to this theme update, please direct them to our support mailing list: or submit a bug/issue report.