March 2017 Brown Bag Recap

Here’s a recap of what was talked about in the March 2017 brown bag, in case you missed it:

Google Maps

We’ve gotten a few inquiries for how to add a Google Map to a webpage in WordPress. We vetted several plugins for this but found that none of them worked for what we were trying to accomplish. Instead, we are asking folks to simply embed Google Maps in the source code of a text block on a page. The instructions for how to do this can be found on the KB document dedicated to the process:

Enhanced Media Library

Enhanced Media Library is a 3rd party-created plugin that allows users to categorize their Media Library for ease of searching. This functionality is our solution for folks who used to use robust folder structures in OpenText and have struggled with the default behavior of the Media Library, which doesn’t allow for folders. The plugin was installed on all WordPress projects last week. The instructions for how the Enhanced Media Library plugin works can be found in the following KB document:

Reusable Content

Back in the OpenText days, users could easily share content blocks between pages so that they did not have to create the same content multiple times. This same functionality does not exist in WordPress but we do have some great features in the UW Theme that make sharing content a little easier.

Group of Links

The Group of Links page element allows users to create one menu of links that they can then share on many different pages. More information about the Group of Links feature can be found here:

The following KB document walks you through how to create a Group of Links element in page:

Featured Content Block

The Featured Content Block page element features specific pages on your site or external information using an image (optional), description, and hyperlink. It’s a great way to highlight content on your site in an engaging and mobile-friendly way. Like with the Group of Links page element, the Featured Content Block allows you to create the content once and share it in several different locations. More information about the Featured Content Block feature can be found here:

The following KB document walks you through how to create a Featured Content Block:

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns about Google Maps, the Enhanced Media Library plugin, or reusable content, please email our support mailing list or attend an Open Lab. We’re here to help!