Your WordPress Questions – Answered

Can I preview what my edits look like in the same screen?

Yes and no. With OpenText, any change you made would show up in the actual design of your page in the CMS. In WordPress, you will have to toggle your screen to “View Page” mode in order to see what your edits will look like on the page.

How does hyperlinking work in WordPress?

It will work fairly similarly to how you are currently linking in OpenText. You would select the text in your text editor and choose the “Insert/Edit Link” button. From there, you can link to an external URL or to an internal page or post. These options are styled a little differently than in OpenText but are just as intuitive.

Does page naming matter like it does in OpenText?

Yes. You should always give logical titles to your pages in case you need to search for a page to link it in navigation or in an in-page hyperlink.

What tools or strategies do you recommend in order to mock-up pages for the transition to WordPress?

The first step that we recommend is to check out the UW Theme demo website to see what the theme and each of its content areas will look like. We really wouldn’t recommend getting too deep into the design process right now as certain items are subject to change by the time you start building. Instead, you could just draw rough outlines of how the content could be structured and take note of anything that may need to change. Also, we would be more than willing to help guide you as you work though this process.

Is “hero” content required?

No – definitely not. The “hero” area of the page refers to the area just below the navigation links at the top. It spans the entire width of the page with no padding or margin added on the left and right. Users will have the option to populate this area with a single image or a slideshow of images. This is not required, however, as we understand that most folks do not have access to the type of high resolution photos that this area requires.

Will we still be able to use keywords in WordPress?

Yes, but the functionality works a little different than in OpenText. Any post can be assigned a category and that category can be used to populate content elsewhere on the site.

Are there different levels of users in WordPress?

Yes, and they are actually more granular than in OpenText. These include an administrator, editor, author, contributor and subscriber. For more information about these user roles, please visit the following article:

Will there be a better way of handling media folders in WordPress?

We have discovered that the default behavior of the media folder in WordPress will not work for some of our customers. For that reason, we are exploring plugins for making this tool more robust for those who need it.

If we have a customized WiscWeb CMS site right now, will we be charged to move the styles into WordPress?

No. If you are an existing customer of our service and had an OpenText site with custom styling, you will not be charged to have those styles moved over to your WordPress site. However, you will have to meet with our developers to plan out this styling as it differs significantly from how things were done in OpenText. Also, you will be charged for any additional styles that you add at a later date.

There is a chance that due to the customizations required on your site, you would fall out of our service umbrella and have to go out on your own. This is rare, but we cannot risk the security of our other sites in order to implement certain customizations.

Can you move our image and document files from OpenText to WordPress?

Yes. We will be able to move those files for you, if you prefer. We do suggest sorting through them and deleting anything that is not in use. This will expedite the process significantly.

There will be test sites AND production sites, correct?

Yes. Your site publishes into a test URL ( until you want to move it into production.